What is Medical Weight Loss

You’ve probably seen or heard the phrase “medical weight loss” recently and wondered to yourself what the phrase means. What is medical weight loss? Is it the same as bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, lap band, etc.)? How “medical” is medical weight loss? Is medical weight loss any different than standard dieting and the other weight loss programs we hear so much about?
In this (relatively) brief article we’ll seek to clear up some common misunderstandings and explain in simple terms what we mean when we use the term “medical weight loss” at Renew

Medical Weight Loss is Not Surgical

Medical weight loss is non-invasive (non-surgical), and is, therefore, completely different than lap band, gastric bypass, or other forms of bariatric surgery. Simply put… Our weight loss doctors don’t cut. Our physician-supervised weight loss programs do not involve surgery, in-patient procedures, out-patient procedures, or any type of invasive, surgical interaction between doctor and patient. Our approach to medical weight loss is a more comprehensive approach that takes into account the whole person and seeks to accomplish healthy weight loss for patients with strategic medical intervention (see below for fuller explanation) and patient reeducation.

Medical Weight Loss is Physician-Supervised

The essence of medical weight loss is the involvement and supervision of a licensed physician. The physician oversight is helpful for many reasons, not the least of which is safety. Today, there are so many options for those seeking to overcome their obesity. Some of them are effective. Many are not. Some of them safe. Many of them are unhealthy and potentially dangerous. Our physicians will check the heart health, liver health, and medical history of every patient to make sure their weight loss program is safe for their body and mind. In addition to safety, physician oversight and involvement allows for the use of proven medications and injections

Medical Weight Uses Helpful Medications & Injections

Medical weight loss doctors are able to prescribe several medications in various forms that can assist the patient in their efforts to lose weight. At Renew Medical Weight Loss, these medications and injections include appetite suppressant medications, hormone injections, and fat burning injections. Our programs also include no oral supplements, carb blockers, sprays, and lipotropic injections (B12, B6, amino acids, etc) that can boost energy, reduce the absorption of carbs, help with metabolism, and improve overall liver health.

Medical Weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all approach

The weight loss doctors at Renew appreciate the uniqueness of every patient and go the extra mile to put together a custom, individualized program that is best suited for the patient’s medical history, body type, lifestyle, and weight loss goals. They want to make sure that the program with which the patient is paired is safe and that it gives the patient the best chance to succeed and achieve their weight loss goals.