3 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season to Lose Weight

3 Reasons Why The Fall Is the Best Season to Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

lose weight in the fall 2017

Any time is a good time to make choices that will improve yourl life and lead to better health. Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter all offer great opportunities and strategic advantages to boosting your weight loss efforts. However, some say Fall is the best and most strategic season to begin a weight loss journey that lasts. Here’s why:

Get a Jump Start on Those New Year Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are much easier to keep when you already have some momentum behind them. Start now by making small, simple changes to your diet and lifestyle. Nurture these new habits in the Fall and you will be a lap ahead of the field by the time January 1 rolls around. Get that W in 2018 and exceed all of your goals by being smart in the Fall!

Leverage Thanksgiving to Lose Weight By Christmas

Those that qualify for the 23-Day Rapid Weight Loss Protocol can use Thanksgiving as a great time to “load” before they launch into their protocol in late November or early December. Eat all you want for Thanksgiving. Tackle that turkey. Crush that cranberry sauce. Stuff that stuffing. Dunk those dinner rolls. And pound that pumpkin pie. You can do all that as part of your loading and still be on track to lose 20-30 pounds before Christmas!

Sweaters Look Better When They’re Not So Tight

As the cold weather starts to settle in most people start adding layers to their wardrobe. One of the most popular types of layer apparrel is the sweater. Sweaters can look really good. And sweaters can look really bad. Perhaps the worst sweater look is the one where it seems like the sweater is being streched too far, struggling to hold together. But all agree that sweaters look better when they fit right. Wear your sweaters with confidence this winter by initiating your weight loss journey in the Fall!