Thank You!

Thank you for completing the “Find Your Perfect Program” Form. We’re excited about pairing you with the weight loss program that is most suited for your needs (lifestyle, goals, budget, etc.). Based on the limited data we’ve received we were able to populate a short list below of recommended programs that may be the best fit for you. Please schedule a free consultation (below) with one of our experienced weight loss consultants to learn more about your options and to create a customized, individualized program that perfectly fits your needs.

Recommended Program #1 - 23-Day KP-10 Protocol

If you are wanting to reach your initial weight loss goals in a shorter time period... the 23 day plan may be the perfect program for you. Many patients on this program lose about a pound per day, on average. That means you could potentially lose 20-25 pounds in about 3.5 weeks! This program includes customized food plans, medical evaluation, lab work, coaching and encouragement, nutrition counseling, medical fat-burning injections, and post-protocol coaching to help you keep off the weight long-term!

Recommended Program #2 - 10-Week TLC Program

If you desire to fundamentally change your life for the better, with better habits and healthier choices, then the TLC Program may be your perfect program. Though the weight loss isn't as rapid as the 23-Day program, patients on the TLC program hit their weight loss goals rather quickly and maintain a steady reduction of pounds and inches over a 10 week period. Patients on the TLC programs are able to lose a tremendous amount of weight and keep it off by reconstructing their diets, changing their habits, and vastly improving their health. This program includes customized food plans, medical evaluation, lab work, appetite suppressant medication, coaching and encouragement, SkinnyShot injections, and more!