Why We Chose SculpSure
(And Why We Think You Should, Too)

A Laser That is Superior in Every Way

The medical team and weight loss staff at Renew Medical Weight Loss was slow to add a body contouring laser to our line of services. Our hesitation was due to several reasons, both philosophical and logistical. Because we are dedicated to providing individuals with healthier lifestyles, we approached the topic of body contouring with a healthy amount of skepticism. And because we’ve preached the mantra “there is no shortcut to sustained weight loss and overall health”, we were concerned that body contouring would be seen as a shortcut that provided temporary help but would prove to be disappointing in the long term.

Sculpt Your Perfect Body


What We Wanted in a Body Contouring Laser

Our skepticisms, suspicions and concerns were often confirmed as we would meet with sales representatives of other lasers that would promise the moon but were unable to demonstrate actual results. If we were going to get into body contouring lasers we knew what we wanted. We wanted:

  • A laser that could melt away stubborn fat pockets that diet and exercise, alone, were unable to address – We didn’t want a laser that made unsubstantiated claims about magical cures and promised a new body overnight without any real science behind it. We wanted a laser that could simply do what we needed it to do, which was target stubborn pockets of fat cells that otherwise healthy people were unable to get rid of. And we wanted a laser that was honest about the time it would take for the body’s lymphatic system to flush out the dead cells.
  • A laser that was cleared by the FDA – Renew Medical Weight loss had built of reputation as a trusted and safe place to work under a physician’s supervision to lose weight in a safe & healthy manner. We certainly didn’t want to jeopardize our reputation with a bootleg laser that skirted compliance issues or failed to impress the FDA with it’s results.
  • A laser that could actually demonstrate real results – The reason the FDA clearance was so important to us is because it meant that the laser was actually able to deliver real, prove-able, results. We knew that the FDA was not going to clear any device that only offered placebo-like effects to those it treated.
  • A safe laser that did not jeopardize the patient’s health – Furthermore, we definitely did not want to jeopardize our reputation on the line for a machine that was unsafe or painful.
  • A laser that could outperform the previous market leader, CoolSculpting. – We wanted the best, newest technology that was scientifically proven to outperform all other machines in the industry, especially CoolSculpting. We knew CoolSculpting had become a household name and we wanted a machine that could battle it for superiority in the body sculpting market.

None of the lasers that we researched were able to meet these standards… until we came across the SculpSure.

It was almost love at first sight. We were initially intrigued by SculpSure because of its FDA clearance, but we became even more interested when we saw firsthand the results of the treatments. In our test treatments, we witnessed individuals undergo a short, 25-minute treatment and report virtually no pain, though some reported a temporary, mild discomfort. A few weeks later we became even more impressed as we began to see measurable, demonstrable, fat reduction when the person’s lymphatic system flushed out the dead fat cells that SculpSure had melted away. Further research would uncover many more stories from across the nation that were similar to those we were seeing firsthand.

With SculpSure, We Finally Found What We Were Looking For

“Could it really be?”, we wondered. Have we finally found a body contouring laser that we can actually get behind? A few more consultations, staff meetings, and thoughtful discussions later and we decided it was time to take the plunge and enter the market with the best body contouring machine available in the world.

And we’re so glad we did. Even though we’ve only offered SculpSure for a relatively short time, we have already had so many patients that have been able to melt away pockets of stubborn fat cells that diet and excercise alone was unable to reach. This included notorious fat pockets like love handles, thighs, bra line fat, and under the arm. We look forward to helping many more patients in the future with this incredible treatment.

See If SculpSure if Right For You…

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Sculpt Your Perfect Body