How Much Does SculpSure Cost?

Affordable Body Sculpting

The cost of SculpSure body contouring treatments typically ranges between $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 per area of the body treated. Sculpsure costs can vary based upon seasonal promotions, special offers, geographic region, area treated, and package bundles. Most clinics that offer SculpSure treatments provide a break in pricing for those who wish to treat multiple areas. In smaller areas of the body fewer panels are needed for treatment. This can also reduce the cost of the SculpSure treatments.

What is the Cost of SculpSure in D/FW?

Renew Medical Weight Loss offers SculpSure body contouring and laser lipo treatments on the lower end of the range listed above. This means most of our patients are able to get significant savings with treatments that are much closer to $1,000.00 per area of the body treated. From time to time we are also able to run special promotions that allow us to offer discounts up to 50% off the suggested price. Of course, there are several factors that determine whether or not an individual patient will be eligible for the full 50% discount. Most of our patients, though, will at least qualify for cost discounts of 20-30%.

SculpSure vs CoolSculpting Cost Comparison

Many people wonder if SculpSure costs less than CoolSculpting treatments. In most cases the answer is “yes”. But again, this will vary based upon location and special promotions that individual clinics offer. Most often CoolSculpting cost $750.00 per hour. If you extrapolate that out and account for the reduced treatment times for SculpSure (25-minutes, less than half the time), then SculpSure certainly provides greater value at a much lower cost.

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Renew Medical Weight Loss’ Christina V. “The Weight Loss Boss”
Discusses SculpSure with Cat Daddy from K104

In the video above our program director Christina V. talks with Cat Daddy from K104 about SculpSure body contouring at Renew Medical Weight Loss. Among other items, they talk about how the cost of SculpSure is much less than liposuction and how SculpSure is outperforming CoolSculpting in several ways. To learn more about SculpSure’s 25-minute body sculpting treatments call (972) 445-9856 and schedule your free consultation. As Cat Daddy says at the close of the video above… “Whoah, now, DO IT!”