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  • Lipotropic Injections – B12 Skinny Shots™ for targeting stubborn belly fat.

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Non-Surgical, Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Plans

At Renown McKinney, our medical weight programs are tailored to meet your goals and lifestyle. We provide a broad variety of medical weight loss plans that both women and men have found success from dropping the first few pounds to keeping them off for good. Our medical weight loss doctors will guide you towards the right plan for based on medical history, lab work, and your objectives. Start with a free consultations today!

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$239 Kickstarter For Fast Weight Loss

Our Kickstarter Special for weight loss in McKinney is the perfect way to stay motivated and see quick results. You’ll begin with a consultation and weight loss screening and finish with a free follow up. Your weight loss plan in McKinney will include supplement for appetite control and lipo injections. The best part is, you can schedule a complimentary consultation to find out if this amazing $239 special is right for you.

  • Doctor-Supervised

  • Custom-Tailored Plans

  • $199 KickStarter Special

  • Lose Weight Safe & Fast

  • Keep Off the Weight

  • Friendly and Encouraging

  • B12 Lipotropic Injections

  • Affordable Programs

  • Safe & Healthy Approach

Medical Weight Loss in McKinney

Our medical weight loss providers in McKinney are here to make sure that you have a safe and successful experience. They’ll provide appetite suppressants and other weight loss medication prescriptions for those that qualify. Our medical weight loss pros take your lifestyle and expectations into account, and can discuss all of this at the no-obligations consultation.

Skinny Shots™ Lipo Injections

Lipotropic injection therapy is affordable and effective when you go with the experienced weight loss doctors at Renown Fast Medical Weight Loss in McKinney. Skinny Shots™ are an excellent way to enhance the health of the liver and decrease fat. They are a natural solution that combines vitamins and minerals so that you’ll see the midsection and other trouble spots finally slim down. Call today for a free consultation!


We provide free, no-obligation, consultations so that you can meet with an experienced weight loss expert, review diagnostics, & learn more about our medical weight loss programs…


We now offer our consultations online. This means you can meet with a friendly weight loss expert on a secure video chat platform from the safety, privacy, and convenience of your home or office…


Boost your weight loss for only $239 by taking advantage of Renown’s amazing weight loss special. Kickstarter Special includes a consultation, 2 weeks of appetite control supplement…

Renown Weight Loss Centers of McKinney

If you live in McKinney, TX, and desire to lose weight fast to overcome obesity and improve your overall health, partner with the experienced weight loss doctors and encouraging staff at Renown Medical Weight Loss. Our weight loss experts in our McKinney location will pair you with a individualized, custom-tailored weight loss program that is perfectly suited for your body type, your lifestyle, your budget, and your weight loss goals. It is our passion and strong desire to help patients reach their weight loss goals in a timely manner while providing medical tools and support that will lead to lifestyle change and long-lasting weight loss results.

Affordable Weight Loss Programs

Our weight loss programs are guaranteed to be budget-friendly. Starting at $239, we have several medical weight loss programs from which to choose. All of our programs are very affordable, easy to follow, and provide quick results to motivate you and jump-start momentum to carry you through your weight loss journey and help you approach and surpass your weight loss goals.

Experienced Diet Doctors in McKinney

The medical weight loss doctors at Renown Medical Weight Loss McKinney have years of experience and vast knowledge of the inner workings of the medications, injections, and other tools that help promote accelerated weight loss and lifestyle change. HCG diet and how it can help you achieve fast weight loss. Our on-site doctors can prescribe both HCG and Phentermine as well as any other medications (for which you medically qualify) to assist you in your weight loss journey.

Call toll-free today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about our incredible weight loss programs, the results our patients are experiencing, and medical science behind the programs at Renown Medical Weight Loss.

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Renown Weight Loss serves clients in McKinney and throughout the country with medically-supervised weight loss programs that help clients lose weight fast and safe. Schedule a complimentary consultation online from anywhere in the United States.

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