Ode to Will, Conqueror of Weight

He shed the pounds, a mighty feat,
Forty-two gone, a joyous beat.
Will, oh Will, your strength we sing,
Your dedication took on wing.

No magic spell, no fad-filled craze,
But sweat and will, through countless days.
Diet tamed, and steps accrued,
A healthier path, anew pursued.

The mirror smiles, a lighter view,
But victory shines even truer.
For in this change, a spirit bold,
A heart that chose a story told.

Of discipline, of self-belief,
Of triumph over doubt and grief.
You scaled the mountain, steep and tall,
Now stand atop, inspiring all.

So raise a glass, to Will we toast,
His journey won, the coast is most
Not just of pounds, but of the mind,
A spirit strong, we all can find.

So go forth, Will, with boundless stride,
This victory burns, deep inside.
May it fuel your every quest,
And light your path, forever blessed.