Why Renew Medical Weight Loss May Be a Better Option Than Bariatric Surgery…

Why is Renew Medical Weight Loss is a great alternative to gastric bypass or bariatric surgery?

  1. Well, first of all, there’s none of the risk, pain and downtime that comes with cutting your body open.
  2. Secondly, there’s no expensive deductibles.
  3. But most importantly… Our patients will tell you that medical weight loss is far more effective for long lasting weight loss results than bariatric surgery.

Several of our patients have actually had gastric bypass or bariatric surgery in the past and came to us frustrated with their experience. It wasn’t until they partnered with Renew Medical Weight Loss that they began to experience significant and long-lasting weight loss results. If you would like to lose substantial weight relatively quickly, without the risk, pain and downtime of surgery consider the non-surgical, physician supervised, medically assisted weight loss programs at Renew Medical Weight Loss