What is Semaglutide?

What is semaglutide and why is everyone talking about it? Semaglutide is a relatively new weight loss medication that is unlike any other weight loss medication. What makes it so unique? Semaglutide is a once per week injection that is safe, convenient,  and proven to be very effective for weight loss.

Semaglutide is Safe

Again, it is safe. Doctors love it because it is safer than many other weight loss medications. It is FDA approved, has little to no side effects, and very few contraindications.

Semaglutide is Convenient

It is also very convenient. Rather than twice daily capsules or daily injections, semaglutide only requires one injection per week!

Semaglutide is Effective

And it is proven to be very effective. Originally an anti diabetic medication, semaglutide has shown to be an effective way to improve insulin resistance, burn fat, suppress appetite, and reduce food cravings.

Semaglutide is Forgiving

Patients also love Semaglutide because it is very forgiving. Unlike other extreme diets that restrict calorie intake, patients using semaglutide are experiencing substantial fat loss while consuming up to 1600 calories a day! This means weight loss patients can reach their weight loss goals without starving themselves!

Semaglutide is Surging in Demand

It’s no wonder that semaglutide has enjoyed such a meteoric rise in popularity in Hollywood, on TikTok, and across the medical community. The demand for semaglutide is so high that many clinics and pharmacies are unable to get ahold of it. And those that do often charge premium prices. But don’t worry, the weight loss experts at Renown Weight Loss in Dallas/Fort Worth have developed strategic partnerships with local pharmacies ensuring their ability to offer semaglutide at prices far below their competitors.

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