Is HCG a Better Option Than Surgery?

Recents studies report that somewhere near two-thirds of American people are considered overweight and it’s not a statistic that seems to be moving backward. Year after year, more and more people find the struggle with weight loss is a difficult one and are regularly looking for options to aid in jumpstarting their weight loss plan. Sadly, many select surgical options that are inconvenient and invasive. They are also risky. Bariatric surgery can cause nutritional deficiency, blood clots, infection, and, in extreme cases, death.
A much better option to surgery is the HCG diet. It is non-invasive and provides reliable and proven result when patients follow the HCG protocol. Conservative estimates show that patients who follow a stringent diet (500 calories) and HCG injections could lose from 15-25 pounds per month.
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Don’t take the risk of going under the knife without considering the HCG diet as a viable and proven alternative. We can provide you with answers to your questions. Get started today and start see the results that you desire.