How Many Calories?

The first thing that anyone comes across once they start researching the HCG diet is the extremely reduced amount of calories that patients are required to limit their diet to. The number 500 stands out and often seems to elicit the same response: “I’d lose weight, too if I was only eating 500 calories.” However, to simply look at the number 500 and ignore the realities behind it can lead to misinformation and, frankly, dangerous practices.
The first thing that you need to know about the 500 calorie intake is that those calories are intended to be nutrient-rich. This means that you’re taking in a diminished number of calories, but you’re taking in better calories. You can’t just take in 500 calories of simple carbs and junk food sugars and expect the right results.
Second, the goal of the 500 calorie intake, coupled with medical weight loss injections, is to provide your body with enough quality calories to feed your system, but to allow the injections to trigger the release of stored fats that plague most people who fail over and over again to lose the weight they’re trying to shed.
Finally, the 500 calorie intake is only for a temporary amount of time while your body resets the hypothalamus and reengages your metabolism. This allows you to return to eating a balanced diet after a time and maintain your weight loss.
Don’t be afraid of the number, 500. Numerous patients have done it with great success. Talk to one of our counselors about any questions that you might have and get started on your weight loss journey today.