How Do Lipotropic Injections Work?

Lipotropic injections, not to be confused with the sometimes dangerous and costly procedure known as liposuction, are compounds that can be injected into the body to aid in faster weight loss. They work by spurning the metabolism to work faster which leads to the burning of more fat.
The injections contain several key chemicals that perform several weight loss functions. The chemicals in lipotropic injections do four key things:
  • They reduce fat in the live and the gall bladder by metabolizing those fats and releasing them into the bloodstream to be utilized by the body leading to smaller fat stores in the body.
  • They help regulate serotonin and insulin levels which helps to stabilize your mood and balance hunger pangs.
  • They create additional energy and give a boost to your mood. This increase in energy is a part of the added metabolic energy for burning fat.
  • They help to break down fat molecules which helps leads to weight loss, and a reduction in water retainage.
Lipotropic injections are a valuable aid to your weight loss regimen. Added to a strict diet and appropriate exercise, lipotropic injections can be very helpful. Call us today and we can talk to you about lipotropic injections and help you get your weight loss journey started right away.