Enjoy Yourself… Don’t Destroy Yourself!

A Thanksgiving Message From Christina V.

Renown Weight Loss wants to wish you and your family a VERY Happy Thanksgiving 🦃. We also want you to ENJOY your family and friends this holiday…but Thursday only 😉.

ENJOY Thanksgiving all you want! But don’t let it linger through the weekend! Get it out of the house! Bring the leftovers to the neighbors. After Thursday… YOU ARE DONE! Haha! We have a “plan” of action for you!

Enjoy Yourself… Don’t Destroy Yourself!

Friday morning after Thanksgiving we are ALL starting the water flush. Drink 100 PLUS ounces of H2O Friday thru Sunday and cut out 1 fruit and 1 carb serving for the 3 days as well!

Eat your meat and veggies as always but drink that water and cut the excess for just these 3 days and you’ll be right back in the game!

We truly are s0 thankful for all of you and want to wish you and your families a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!