Are You Stuck in a Weight Loss “Plateau?”

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If you’re like almost every single person out there trying to lose weight, chances are you’ve gone through one of the dreaded “weight loss plateaus.” This happens to virtually anyone going through something new and challenging in their life, whether it’s weight loss, learning an instrument, improving in a new skill, and so on. You’ll find a few tips about breaking through those weight loss plateaus below!

Just Because You’re Not Losing “Weight,” Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Burning Fat

If all you do is track your weight, then you’re not getting the full picture. You have to remember that weight comes from more than just fat, so even if you are losing fat, you may be gaining muscle and both of those circumstances are good! Water retention also plays a factor in how much weight you’ll see when you step on the scale. You can maintain a few pounds of weight simply by how much sodium, carbs, and water you consume in a given day, making it harder to get an accurate read of your weight loss

Know That “Weight Loss Plateaus” Are Just a Part of the Process

No matter who you are, how far in you are with your weight loss attempts, everyone goes through one of these plateaus at some point, and often multiple times. It’s not always easy for most people to lose weight and get fit in no time, and sometimes it’s discouraging putting in a lot of work and not seeing a lot of results. Just know that it’s a temporary moment during your journey.

Keep an Eye on Your Caloric Intake

In many cases, a weight loss plateau is caused by not keeping track of the “little” moments of caloric intake, like the random snack throughout the day or not tracking an unexpected night of dining out, or not tracking calories at all.

Simplify Your Nutrition

Working with a weight loss doctor in Fort Worth will help you understand exactly how many calories you need to consume in a given day, develop a meal plan, and from there you can simplify your nutrition. The fewer variables and uncertainties in your meals, the better. Simplifying your meals also makes it less stressful to worry about, especially if you’re crunched for time and don’t have the energy to think about how much to prepare of what kinds of foods.

Contact our team today at Renew Medical Weight Loss Fort Worth! Our experienced weight loss doctor in Fort Worth will help you get to the bottom of your weight loss plateau so that you can bust through it and onto getting to your ideal weight.