My thyroid condition robbed me of my youth at age 40. I could not exercise, eat, think, or enjoy life. Hypothyroidism took everything that made life enjoyable away from me. After working with a doctor who did help me get on thyroid medicine, it was not enough to address the slow metabolism and the fact that my body stopped working with me. It seemed to work against me. I decided for the first time that weight loss needs to be aided medically for my journey. I started first by going to get IV vitamins.

Hypothyroidism slows or stops your metabolism. In my case, I stopped processing all the healthy food I was eating. I did a month of IV vitamins before I saw Christina at Renown Weight Loss. My thyroid condition also robbed me of quality sleep. So I fixed that too before I went and saw her. She had options and plans for me to choose from based on the lifestyle I am. We started the journey and the 1st week I dropped 5 pounds. I did this with minimal gym attendance because my energy levels were still too low.

I have since lost pants size and my arms are now looking cut. I attend the gym as my energy level dictates. That is important because through this journey I learned you have to be forgiving of yourself. I wanted to get back to a 5 times a week gym schedule, but my health does not support that. With Christina’s help, I am able to lose weight and attend the gym minimum 2 times a week (more depending on energy level).

I will definitely recommend this team for you. Especially if your life depends on it.