4 Tips to Stay Motivated During Weight Loss

Losing weight is a struggle for many of us, and one of the biggest problems is going to be staying motivated. We have a great day and follow of the weight management practices, and then the next day can turn into cupcakes in the break room and pizza for dinner with the kids. However, before you throw in the towel, we have a few tips that will help you stay motivated and allow you to easily get back on track when you need to lose weight.

#1: Keep a Weight Loss Journal

You can begin your medical weight loss journey by writing everything down. One of the great things about journaling is that it is personalized to you. You can either keep a diet journal that reviews the foods you eat and the calories and nutritional value they hold, or you can just write about the emotions that you feel when you want to go off track. Instead of reaching for that cookie when you start to feel stressed, grab a pen and jot down your thoughts for ten minutes until the craving goes away.

#2: Make Your Appointments at the Weight Loss Clinic

When we say make your appointments at the weight loss clinic, we don’t mean just call and schedule an appointment – we mean be sure you don’t skip any of your check ins. When you are on a medical weight loss plan, you will have access to quick weight loss that is safe and effective. However, if you want to stay motivated, you have to show up for those appointments and make sure you are treating them as a priority. It is your health after all!

#3: Involve a Friend

Getting a friend involved to help you with weight management is an excellent way to have support and to keep moving forward in a positive direction. You can get someone to go with you to the weight loss clinic and experience the dieting journey by your side, or simply call someone you trust to listen to you when the going gets tough.

#4: Display Your Successes

Even if you haven’t had a success chart since you were a child, you will be surprises how motivating it can be to display your daily successes on your fridge or in your bathroom mirror. Use gold stars, checkmarks, or whatever keeps you moving!