HCG Diet History


In 1954, a British Doctor (Dr. A.T.W. Simeons) reported that he had observed successful weight loss through a very low calorie diet and HCG injections. He made note that the HCG diet didn’t have the adverse effects such as headaches, cravings, weakness, and mood swings that many low calorie dieters suffered from. Plus, the HCG diet appeared to keep the natural body shape because it protected the muscles and targeted the fat deposits… read more below

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An Efficient Method

During his time performing research, Dr. Simeons tested the effects that this method of diet had on the body and appetite. Because it helped curb cravings and suppress the appetite, he found that many people were more successful because they didn’t have the temptations that they were used to facing. Plus, without the usual side effect of very low calorie diets such as headaches, people were able to focus more clearly when on the restrictive diet.

Weight Loss and the HCG Hormone

The HCG diet allows people to lose weight quickly because the brain believes the body is in starvation mode, and then it goes after the fat reserves for energy. Because the HCG hormone is primary found in abundance in pregnant women to protect the fetus, it doesn’t attack the muscles, but goes straight for the fat deposits.

Resolving Obesity Issues

Dr. Simeons studied and observed the HCG diet for decades and noticed the advantages that it had for people trying to resolve their issues with obesity. Obesity can be very difficult to overcome, but with the help of an HCG diet doctor and a professional medical weight loss plan, you’ll discover you have the tools and knowledge to accomplish your goals. Call for your complimentary consultation today and start your journey to the healthiest you.



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