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When you want lose weight quickly, up to a pound a day, due to health issues, extreme weight gain, and other reasons, then the HCG will be an option that will give you access to medical professionals so that you have safe and effective results. Both men and women have HCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) present, and it’s extremely noticeable in pregnant women. Because the hormone helps regulate the metabolism, protects muscle, and targets fat, it has become ideal for many people that want to lose weight quickly.

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The HCG Diet Prevents the Yo-Yo Cycle

The HCG injections will help curb your appetite and will use energy reserves to keep you from getting unnecessary calories throughout the day. The HCG diet help prevent the cycle called yo-yo dieting because you’ll be on a very low calorie diet that won’t have the negative side effects such as being weak and getting headaches. Plus, the hormone will work to deplete the fat you have stored without your metabolism slowing down.

After you’ve completed the HCG diet in Dallas, you won’t see the immediate weight gain after many crash diets, and you’ll be able to easily incorporate the healthy foods you love back into your meal plan.

Promoting a Healthier Life

At our clinics, our mission is to promote a healthier life for the long term weight loss success. We want to help you prevent unnecessary health risks and get you back to feeling like yourself again. Once you’ve reached your ideal weight, you can continue to be part of the community to learn more and join counseling so that you stay educated and motivated. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and welcome you to take advantage of our free consultation so you can start today.



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Complete the Form Below to Discover Which Program Works Best For You?