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Medical Weight Loss Programs

Non-surgical medical weight loss is a term used to describe a variety of methods that can be used to lose weight without surgery. Non-surgical medical weight loss programs are typically designed to help people lose weight gradually and safely. They may also include other components, such as behavioral counseling and support groups, to help people make sustainable lifestyle changes. If you are considering non-surgical medical weight loss, it is important to schedule a free consultation first to see if it is right for you. Renown Weight Loss’ provider can help you assess your individual risks and benefits, and develop a personalized treatment plan.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Grand Prairie

Renown Weight Loss proudly serves Grand Prairie, TX, with a wide range of medical weight loss programs that can be tailored to match your specific needs. Chelsea Debrah, FNP, our medical weight loss provider, and her team of assistants, will oversee your labs & diagnostics to ensure you are paired with the weight loss medications and program that best fits your weight loss goals, your body type, your lifestyle, and your budget.


We provide free, no-obligation, consultations so that you can meet with an experienced weight loss expert, review diagnostics, & learn more about our medical weight loss programs…


We now offer our consultations online. This means you can meet with a friendly weight loss expert on a secure video chat platform from the safety, privacy, and convenience of your home or office…


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What Is Non-Surgical, Medical Weight Loss?

Non-surgical medical weight loss is a range of treatments and interventions that can help people lose weight without the need for surgery. These treatments are typically overseen by a doctor or other healthcare professional and may include:

Diet and exercise counseling:

A healthcare professional can help you develop a personalized plan for healthy eating and exercise. This may involve setting realistic goals, making gradual changes to your lifestyle, and tracking your progress.

Meal replacements:

Meal replacements are low-calorie, nutrient-balanced shakes, bars, or soups that can be used to partially or fully replace meals. They can be helpful for people who have difficulty controlling their portion sizes or who need to lose weight quickly.

Prescription weight loss medications:

Prescription medications can be used to help people lose weight by reducing appetite, blocking fat absorption, or increasing metabolism. These medications are typically used in conjunction with diet and exercise changes.

Non-surgical medical weight loss can be a safe and effective way to lose weight, especially for people who have struggled with diet and exercise alone. However, it is important to note that these treatments are not a quick fix. Long-term weight loss success requires making lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle. If you are considering non-surgical medical weight loss, schedule a free consultation to talk to Renown’s medical weight loss provider about the risks and benefits of each treatment option.

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