Medication Information

Phentermine 37.5mg is typically taken 1/2 tab AM and 1/2 tab lunch.
Nothing past 1:00pm since it can disrupt sleep.
Patient my increase to one full tablet daily based on their tolerance.

Phendimetrazine 35mg tablet is a lighter dose of Phentermine and can be taken 3x daily.
We typically prescribe this if patient has stated phentermine is too strong, or didn’t work anymore.

If a patient is NOT a candidate for either of the above due to heart issues, stints, uncontrolled blood pressure, etc… you will carry ProTrim in the office which is a non stimulant that is taken 15-20 minutes before meals up to 4x daily.
Can also be double upped at night, mid day, etc…this is nice since the patient can customize it as needed.

KP-10 is one time daily subcutaneous injection around the belly button. Avoid scars or stretch marks as best as you can as it can cause bruising or tenderness. You will show patient how to self administer injection.

KP is a refrigerated injection.

Lipotropic injections are drawn up to 1nl for each patient.

KP patients take them twice weekly spaced out 72 hours a part minimum
Lifestyle patients take them 3x weekly on a rotation of Monday, Wednesday, Friday basis or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

We also use the Skinny spray as an alternative to patients who do NOT prefer the Lipo injections. 6 sprays daily. May be broken up into 3 sprays morning and 3 sprays in the afternoon. 85-90% efficacy.